Amos Bentzur & Co. is a mid-size multidisciplinary commercial law firm with a practice niche related to healthcare systems and industry (public and privately owned), pharmaceutical products (manufacturing, importing, release to – market, distribution, deviations, recalls, etc.) and supply chains. We have a vast experience in rendering daily advice with respect to the planning and implementation of the management and financing of complexed technological projects with regulatory aspects, both in Israel and abroad.

We are experts on GMP/GDP regulation in Israel and outside of Israel, serving a variety of prestigious clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs to large HMOs and local and multinational public companies.

We provide crisis management services in various critical situations including finding the proper solutions to such situation in coordination with the applicable professionals and the regulatory authorities.

The firm cooperates with the commercial and legal community in North and South America, Europe and the Far East (with a special emphasis on India, Singapore, Vietnam and China). Since its inception in 1999, the firm has been combining legal analysis with practical business understanding, enabling it to drive its clients’ success while maintaining the highest level of personal service.

We have unique and broad experience in all regulatory aspects concerning the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare systems and the agro and semiconductors industries in various jurisdictions. Specifically, we specialize in implementing and assuring compliance of healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies with the requirements of the Israeli legislation and regulations as well as with international standards concerning manufacturing, importation and distribution of medicinal products (such as the European cGMP and cGDP guidelines).

As part of our activities, on a daily basis we provide legal and regulatory consulting, for all parties and entities at all levels which participate in the manufacturing and distribution process of medicinal products (including local and international wholesale distributers, the largest logistics centers in Israel, hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare and science professionals).

Due to our vast and unique experience, and in light of our clients’ unique profiles, which includes key leaders in the Israeli healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry (such as Clalit Health Services – currently the second largest HMO in the world) we are advising them with respect to critical subjects, such as procurement processes, adjustment to changes in the regulatory environment, recalls, deviations and substantial crisis management. We are regularly invited to participate in meetings and discussions held in the Ministry of Health and the applicable Parliamentary (“Knesset”) committees – where we actively participate and influence the legislation process of acts and regulations governing the healthcare systems and the pharmaceutical industry (only recently we have completed advising our clients with regard to the new version of the Pharmacists’ Act).